Earl Grey Natural Limestone



One of the most perfect limestone flooring tiles, the Earl Grey natural limestone tile is tumbled so each one has softened edges and a gently mottled texture. The colour is a very cool and calm grey / taupe shade which brings a serene feel to the space whether that’s a kitchen, hallway, boot room or bathroom.

Stone: Limestone – the classic natural stone flooring; versatile, durable and beautiful.

Finish: Tumbled – rounded edges and a soft mottled surface that leaves the grain exposed.

Use: Domestic, light use commercial interior flooring and wall tiling.

Size I): 40cm x 60cm / Thickness: 1.5cm / Price: £90.00 per SQM + VAT

Size II): 60cm x random / Thickness: 1.5cm / Price: £95.00 per SQM + VAT

On display:

Nickleby kitchen – Humphrey Munson, The Joinery Works, Gransmore Green, Felsted, Essex CM6 3LB.

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